Why are YOU on the Planet?

Why are you on the planet?

I have thought a lot about what I want to share today. So many people have shared with me their dreams and goals they want to accomplish while they are here on this earth. Some have ambitions – while others have gifts that naturally provide opportunities.

This morning I asked myself this question, “Crystal, why are you on this planet?” Quickly my mind flooded with my purpose and desire to build people. I want to build people who need someone to remind them who they are. I am here to build others to believe in dreams and embrace their true selves. I am here to share ideas, products, examples, and resources to others that help lift and guide people to a better state of mind.

I then thought about people in my life, and quickly identified the gifts and talents they have. Some see it inside themselves some don’t. I wanted to share those examples with you…

  • I have a friend who I call the animal whisper. She can heal and help animals in a way I can’t describe. Even when she isn’t looking, an animal in need makes their way to her house, and she provides shelter and care to that animal. I tease her that if I come back as an animal, I want to be her pet.
  • I have a wife who has the gift and patience for children. Not just any children, but children who come from less fortunate circumstances. She sees potential in these kids. She reminds them daily they are loved, and they can overcome any obstacle in front of them.
  • I have cousin whose passion for life carried me through the darkest time in my life as of yet. He taught me to live my dreams and to have fun in life. He reminds me and everyone one around him that life is meant to be fun and exciting and not waste a day away.
  • I have a friend who is amazing with finances. It is his gift. He has a way of communicating to those around him how to overcome debt and obstacles that keep people stuck financially.
  • I had a grandmother that had the gift of love for children. She raised children and grandchildren and neighbors and friends. She taught us all how to work hard. She taught us about watching for people in need and jumping in to help, and not waiting until they ask (cause usually they never do!)
  • I have a daughter who’s gift is to share her story of overcoming the communication struggles she has. I wont spoil a future post – more on this to come.
  • I have a son whose gift is friendship. The kid can make friends no matter where he goes. He is kind and he is always looking for ways to connect and include those around him.

I could go on and on, but I feel you get my point. WHAT ARE YOU HERE TO SHARE – NOT DO! Let me be clear, this idea isn’t about doing something extra. This is what are you here to share. What is inside of you, waiting to be shared? The world needs you to step to the plate. You may swing and miss a few times but that is how we learn. What is your passion? What makes you excited for a new day? I can honestly say- my kids will confirm this- in the past 6 months, my excitement for life has been through the roof. WHY – because I am sharing products that are making lives better. WHY – because I am sharing my story- reminding people they can be anything and anyone they choose to be.

Remember – the world is waiting for your beautiful self. Let your light shine my sweet friends. It’s in you—and if you need someone to remind you and cheer your every step. I’m anxiously waiting to be your greatest cheerleader ?!

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