What is your legacy?

I’ve always been a dreamer. I didn’t know this about myself until 3 or 4 years ago. I work to see the world as limitless opportunities. I work to see the world and people as beauty and happiness and kindness and love and light and laughter. Each day I work to choose to be brave and not to give into fear. I want to live in the abundance and take advantage of all the opportunities life brings to me!

I’ve spent a lot of time studying about legacy, leadership, targets and ambitions. Jenny and I laugh a lot about this because she is my true rotor to my dreamer ship! She helps guide the dreamer in me. She keeps things real, obtainable, and realistic. I am so grateful for her perspectives and her love to help guide me!

I went to a celebration of life last year and it has stuck with me. A man had a dream – and the dream developed into an organization that is serving more than 150 innercity kids! The dream was to provide kids with opportunities they wouldnt’have if it wasn’t for this organization its called  Ogden Youth Impact! There was a quote that was said I will never forget! “The purpose of your life is to give it away.  The purpose of your life is your legacy.” Another quote mentioned was: “Leadership isn’t teaching people to need you, it’s teaching people to depend on themselves.”

We are our own contractors in our life. Recently we had a friend come over to cook with us a dinner we had never made – it was fun and inspiring :). When he asked us if we had tongs- or a food processor – we both looked at him and smiled. We then learned that his level of cooking was far more advanced than anything we did. After figuring out how to make things work, and enjoying a fabulous meal, I took away the lesson. Each of us need tools to enjoy the true richness in life. In cooking we need kitchen tools – as a builder we need hammers and saws. However – even if we don’t have these tools we can get creative and make it work. For the purpose of this post – I am going to submit to you – if we learn the spiritual tools, the mental tools, the physical tools and the financial, relational tools we need to get through life- we can know the abundance, love, light and happiness we are intended to feel.

Today my goal is to live a life of legacy. My goal in life is to be an instrument in the hands of my creator to inspire and teach others those tools they need in their life to be a legacy for their life. There are so many self-help books out there, and leadership books that none of us in our life‘s could read all of them.

The beautiful thing about a legacy is that it’s about all of us. If you have met my wife, you know her legacy is love. She epitomizes love. There have been so many times, people have said she is love. How blessed I am to be hers. The legacy we (Jenny, the kids and I) want to leave is the power of our family.  We get to walk together and we all get to learn our legacy together and it doesn’t have to be separate. Our religion may not match up, but love does and we focus on that! Some say if you do this then you can’t do that! I disagree I think it’s all one! When the energy is the focus and is guided in the same direction, some pretty amazing things can happen.

What is your legacy? What message do you want to leave behind? What message do you want to live every day? Does it align with the legacy you want to live overall? Thoughtfire is the inner burning of my legacy. It’s creating dialogue that sparks inner thoughts in each of us. I will never tell you what you need to do, all I will do is ask the questions, and you will have the opportunity to look inside yourself and find the answers, because they are there. You just need to believe it, trust it, and live it!


Take care!

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