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This week my wife and the kids started back to school and I realized how grateful I am for the routine we are getting into. One thing I feel very passionate about and I have done a video on in the past, is my morning routine. This morning routine sets me up for success every day. If you want to learn more about my morning routine – visit my website at www.thoughtfirellc.com.

This week after dinner the kids, Jenny and I were visiting one night and we realized it was getting time for bed. The kids complained a little because one of our favorite thing to do is to read together as a family at night. Jenny is really good about reminding us how mornings go if we don’t get to bed at a good time. We were only able to read for 15 min instead of 30 after we discussed why it was important to get to bed. The more I thought about this, the more I realized this valuable truth:

What we DO AND THINK at night has a direct link to how we wake up the next day.

When I first wrote the above statement – I knew if I went to bed at a certain time and got a certain amount of sleep, I would wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day….

Spoiler Alert: This is important for your body to get the rest you need (and everyone’s needs are different), BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY what we tell ourselves before we go to bed, OUR THOUGHTS, have a greater influence.

When it is time for bed – what are you telling yourself? Are they positive thoughts, are they thoughts of success, connection, and excitement? Or are they thoughts of dread, thoughts of frustration, thoughts of lack?

This is a truth I am realizing has a powerful effect on the next days events. The thoughts I am starting to implement in my evening routine before bed I tell myself and say outloud if I can:

  1. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.
  2. I will connect and lift those around me and I will connect with people who will help me grow to my fullest potential. I will ensure I connect with Jenny and the kids each morning!
  3. I will have a successful day because I have a smart mind and I am open to what the universe brings into my life. I will do what needs to be done and I will learn in the process. The material I read and receive will help my mind to learn and grow
  4. I will wake up the first time my alarm goes off, and go to the gym because I have a healthy body and I will feed it the food it needs to be healthy.
  5. Tomorrow I will recognize the abundance in my life and live in a state of gratitude.
  6. I will listen to the Universe (God) and the guidance he has for me to guide throughout the day. I surrender to the amazing day he has instore for me!

When I go to sleep the night before I know how my morning and my day is going to start out…. I get to create it because I believe I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR!


You get to think whatever you want to think – if you go to bed thinking tomorrow is going to be overwhelming – I promise it will be! If you think your going to wake up tired, exhausted, and depressed – Yip you guessed it.

This is something new to me. It’s something I am working to implement into my life. I can tell you the last two weeks it has happened and I can tell you I have see obvious changes.

  1. My grandmother warned my x-husband that I am a bear in the morning. I find it funny today but at the time it made me angry. Then I heard the quote that people are usually a snapdragon or a sunflower in the morning – I used to be the first! Jenny can tell you I am so much more pleasant in the morning than I use to be!
  2. I am much more effective in the morning. I get much more writing and thinking done when I have time in the morning to feel enlightened.
  3. BONUS – I am damn funny in the morning. Things come to my mind that are funny and fun. It helps balance me out from thinking serious all of the time.

I look forward to learning more about myself as I learn how my thoughts are limiting me or catapulting me into the life I want to have!



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