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Slow Down To Speed Up

One of life’s Greatest Paradox: Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up! Recently I have had the opportunity to slow down to show up. Some might ask what that means. Let me explain. As I look back over 2018, I feel like I have been part of a NASAR race, without taking any

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Sparking Soulful Connections

I have been working to wrap my brain around my next steps for Thoughtfire and I think creating a group for connection and friendship is going to be very beneficial. I know there are a lot of groups out there with the support of Mormons – Mormons Building Bridges – Momma Dragons and even Encircle-

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Have you ever felt stuck? You know those moments you feel like you feet are engulfed by the mud and muck of confusion? That is what I have felt these past few weeks with Thoughtfire. I have spent time and quiet moments looking at my mission, purpose and plan for what is to come with this

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Standing in a Space of Gratitude

Many have asked why I spend time each morning writing 5 things I am grateful for each day. They wonder what the significance is  of what I write. To be honest it isn’t really about what is written that is most important. It’s more about what my mind does as I think about the many blessings that

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Your speech was inspiring mom….

There are moments as a parent I think – man that was a great parenting moment… and it turns out way different than expected :)!  This morning while taking my son  to school, I gave him a pep talk- thinking it would inspire and motivate him. His response was priceless – here is a little

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BECOME THE SUPER HERO YOU ARE BORN TO BE! Have you ever stopped and thought about super heroes and the roles they play? The super hero that comes to mind to me first is Superman. Superman is this sharp looking, handsome guy, that instinctively knows when there is trouble. He is found swooping into situations

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