The Power of a Story!

Encircle put together this video sharing my story. It has been in the works for months and it has been so exciting to watch it come to life. I would love to share with all you what I have learned and the message and hope I want to share – thought my coaching! Please share my video and share my website! My story is about embracing who I am, my story is about second chances and learning to fall forward, my story is about hope – and if any of you are in that space of where you are ready to step into your next space – I would love to be part of that process. Thank you ENCIRCLE for letting me share – lets spread the word! Hope is alive – happiness is available – we need each other and we need our thoughts and ideas to come together and make the difference we seek!

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1 thought on “The Power of a Story!”

  1. Wow, how nice to see this. It was just what i needed to hear..i love you my friend and im happy to see you doing sowell!

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