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I am so excited that Crystal is rolling out Thoughtfire! I have known Crystal since, well practically, birth and she is the strongest, most uplifting, forgiving, talented woman I know! I know you are thinking…she’s just saying that but let me throw a couple of the things out at you and let’s see if they stick! Crystal has always tried to provide everything she could for those around her! She would much rather go without herself than see anyone else get the small end of something! 

Whether it is for family, friends or strangers-you are the priority! It is never a question and you know it! You feel it! And the best part about it is it’s an honest gift! You feel grateful to be on the receiving end, you don’t feel belittled or uneven to your peers! She makes sure you know how amazing and special you are to her and the others around you!

Crystal has an amazing open heart! Her heart has room for everyone! She gets that from Grandma B! She comes by it honestly and she will never not have enough room in her heart and soul for you or anyone else who is struggling or needing a friend!

Crystal is not ashamed of who she is and the life she has led! There was a time she was told she wasn’t enough…those people were grossly mistaken! Crystal has more to share with her knowledge, love, strength and endurance to overcome than any of those who have ever condemned anyone who is of a different race, sexual preference etc. (Someday they will see the light in your eyes and will realize how wrong their judgement has been!)

Crystals capacity to understand the struggles of the LGBTQ community are vast whereas she is one who is helping to forge a path for your rights and freedoms! She loves you without knowing you and she prays for you before she knows your name!

Thoughtfire is Crystals way of opening the door for you! She is here with a group of support, honest answers and wisdom to help you light your flame! 🔥

– Jessica | Tremonton, UT

I love the power of social media and the power of love! One single social media post can save a life, enhance a life, and change a life! I hope this post helps people in Davis County. My feet are planted in the hard clay in Syracuse. It is not easy. It has been so worth it. I have met so many amazing people. Together we will change the World! One thought at a time. One conversation at a time. One day at a time. We are connected. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Crystal Tracy this past Saturday. We discussed her visions. She has them. She has overcome obstacles and challenges and has the experience to help others that need a lifecoach. 

She has a lovely wife named Jenny Ross, and together they are raising a beautiful family. She has started up a business called Thoughtfire!

 I know without a shadow of a doubt that Crystal was inspired by the Universe to stay in Davis County because the need is here! I truly envision her expanding her business into Weber County someday soon. The LGBTQIA+ Community is thriving and fortunately Davis County has Crystal & Jenny planting their feet into the soil to create beautiful roots! Check out this video about Crystal! Check out her website! 

– Genevra | Syracuse, UT

“Usually my interviews for the elevate videos are pretty one sided. I ask some questions and the interviewee answers them. My interview with Crystal felt much different. It was like a conversation between friends about a topic we both feel strongly about. 

We basically sat for an hour and shared stories, philosophies, and ideas. During our conversation, I was blown away with Crystal’s overall attitude toward life. She radiates charity and happiness and is a shining example of how good life can get when you just have hope for a better future. 

She has gone through some intense trials in her life and from them she has learned irreplaceable lessons. Lessons that she is on a mission to share.”  

– Ben | Provo, UT

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