Success is an Inside Job!

Last night as I was doing some meditation, I found myself pondering on the idea of my identity, who I am , and the perceptions that hold me back from who I can become. I then thought of how God sees me.

How often I feel that I forget WHO I AM! 

So I decided to get super clear about who I am -not in my eyes – but in the eyes of God who sees me perfectly.
 I was still and I listened, hearing characteristics that spoke to the truth inside of my heart. These characteristics included leader, teacher, authentic, and generous, just to name a few. After looking at my list, I thought to myself, how often do I forget the gifts and talents God sees in me?
Gabrielle Bernstein is a power writer and inspirational speaker. As I have studied her work she has suggested, when we feel disconnected we have chosen into our fears.


These feelings are demonstrated when:
  1. We give our value and worth to other people to validate we are okay.
  2. When we rely on our own strength and not ask for a higher power to lead us (overwhelmed)
  3. Trust in our own strength and burn ourselves out rather than trusting the process that is layed out in-front of us! (GUILTY)
  4. Experience Pain
  1. Feel Stuck
  2. Sick feeling – Physically
  3. Anxious and worried
  4. Tired and Annoyed
  5. Not Connected -no one wants to be around us


  • Life seems to flow naturally
  • There are incredible synchronicity in our lives
  • Creative Solutions Present themselves
  • Experience Freedom
  • Words come smoothly and easily
  • Feel safe and calm and connected
  • Genuinely confident in life
  • Immune system is strong and we feel good
I don’t know about you, but the bottom half of that list is definitely more appealing than the top. You might be thinking “Yeah Crystal, that is all pretty on paper – but how is that done?” I too was like that as I spent time thinking with this. I don’t think its a one time deal and you get it. I believe that there has to be a conscious intention each day to connect to our true self – and we have to be able to connect with something greater than ourselves to lead and guide us to that natural state of truth. (The source of truth can be God, energy, light, angels – whatever feels right to you!)

Intention + action = results!

I don’t believe that someone can live in this space 100% of their life, but I do believe it is an ART. I believe that the more we sit and get clear about who we are, and who we are meant to be- that through divine inspiration we will be lead to a higher knowledge and power we are meant to know. Its like working out – if each day we spend time doing what we need to be doing at the gym our body would reflect the results. If we spend the time needed to be led, guided, and connected with our truth and purpose – our life would reflect the results.
It truly is a journey – because success in life – however that may look to each of us – is an inside job!
Have a great week!


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