Have you ever felt stuck? You know those moments you feel like you feet are engulfed by the mud and muck of confusion? That is what I have felt these past few weeks with Thoughtfire. I have spent time and quiet moments looking at my mission, purpose and plan for what is to come with this business. Jenny and I have spent a lot of time looking at the different facets of the business and the purpose of what Thoughtfire is about. These realizations have been wrestled with and I have had to get really clear about what I want! These moments are always life changing for me. We went to Bryce Canyon this past weekend and as I prayed with Jenny at Inspiration Point, the audience I am meant to serve became clear. The methodology I am to use also became clear. As I stood in my meditation, the thought came to me; 2018 was a big year for your family, 2019 will be a big year for your business.

I am excited to serve and share. I am excited to teach and to lift. There are many preparations taking place at this very moment for things to come.

I share this experience knowing there are some out there who may feel stuck. Some who feel they are unsure of the next steps. The best advice I got in these moments was from my coach – this is the discovery process. Trust it! I am not perfect at this! Especially when I feel my feet start to soak up that stinky saturation of muck, but I assure you – there will be a point of inspiration. There will be a point of discovery! There will be a brake through.

For all my fellow stuck friends. I am lending you a rope to pull you from your stuck state to embracing a state of discovery – continue to move forward- trudge ahead – knowing you are not alone in your journey.

I would love to hear where you feel stuck – and in what ways do you feel it may be moments of discovery?

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