Sparking Soulful Connections

I have been working to wrap my brain around my next steps for Thoughtfire and I think creating a group for connection and friendship is going to be very beneficial. I know there are a lot of groups out there with the support of Mormons – Mormons Building Bridges – Momma Dragons and even Encircle- all of these have a place and I love them for it!

My intention is to create a space for people who have grown up in the culture of the LDS religion or any religion that they may feel no longer a part of. The title says it all and falls right in line with Thoughtfire – Sparking Soulful Connection!!!

This space is for all my friends that are like Jenny and I – we don’t party- we have values we hold strong to- and we want to meet people who are the same. A place we can focus on love and solutions rather than hate and separation.

So many people have asked Jenny and I where they could meet friends to golf with, or to go to a show with – most people we have encountered meet at bars or just party and drink- I am not saying any of that is bad – it’s just we need to find a place that doesn’t have any religious motives, but a safe place where people can enjoy one another in a safe place with out alcohol or drugs.

It sounds like a lofty intention- but weekly Jenny and I are asked – where can I find…..? I am tired of having loved ones not have a place! If you know someone who needs a space to connect and interact with like minded individuals – please let them know about the group I will be creating. It will be created by Sunday- Nov 18 – it will be a closed group. People can request to be added- if you know someone who would benefit please send them our way – this space will be facilitated by Jenny and I – it will be a place of safty and respect and hopefully it can cultivate friendships for all of those out there who may not feel like they fit- I promise you – I have felt that as well – it’s lonely – I don’t want that for anyone- let’s build a community of hope and friendship!!!

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