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This blend to is used to help support your immune system and promote a healthy body. Great product to build immunity to shield agains the day to day germs.

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This can be applied topically on the wrists, chest, behind the ears, and bottom of the feet. It can be used as a preventative measure to enhance wellness. It can be used as often as needed. (Best use when applied on feet after you get out of the shower.)

1 review for Immunity Blend

  1. Kait Paulraj

    I used this both on my husband & son this year when they were starting to feel sick. My husband typically don’t believe in oils but he was a believer this year when he had a bunch of things going on & asking how he can get better quick so I had him put a few drops in his hands, breathe it in and he said it made a difference in how he felt and he did this a few times and now he carries it w/him just in case to maintain his immunity system.
    With my son, the best way I help support his immune system while he was sick was to massage this blend on him after his bath & before his bedtime and it calms him down to let him sleep. And protects him from getting any sicker.

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