Headache Relief Blend

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This is a wonderful blend that helps to alleviate symptoms of a headache/migraine. If you are one that suffers frustration of headaches, this blend is for you.

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Instruction: Apply oil blend  topically to your forehead, behind the ears, and neck. Use at the onset of a headache or migraine.

4 reviews for Headache Relief Blend

  1. Sami Allen

    Using the “Headache Relief Blend” has been such a lifesaver in my life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines about 5 years ago and have had migraines that can last up to three days. My mom then told me about the “Headache Relief Blend”. I tried it out and within an hour of applying it to my head my migraine was gone. I highly recommend that people with headaches and migraines use this relief blend. It’s an easy application and it’s small enough that yo can carry it in your pocket or in a purse for on the go usage. It has worked faster than any medication I have ever taken and the best part is there are no side effects, so I can apply it and go on with my day feeling great.

  2. Ashley Hooper

    I use my headache blend multiple times a week! It’s my go to when I feel the pain start coming on. Bonus: it smells amazing too!

  3. Haylee

    This blend has worked miracles with my migraines! Putting it on throughout the day relieves any headache that I have! Love this product!

  4. Ciera Werven

    I have had headaches for years and this definitely has helped take the edge! We love it!

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