Perfection Paralysis

Perfectly Imperfect

Today I decided to accept the challenge of 100 days of videos to send out the message of Thoughtfire.

What is the purpose of Thoughtfire.


(See side bar for mission vision and values!)

Thoughtfire’s message is to teach methods and skills that help individuals to show up in their lives – and show who they have been created to be. My experience has taught me – no one can replace the power of showing up for you! Someone can believe in you, encourage you, and show you a way, but until you are honest and real with yourself and what you want, you won’t enjoy the power of authenticity. Thoughtfire is a space where skills and belief systems can be looked at and challenged. Thoughtfire is a place where people of like-mindedness are looking to personally develop into something greater by working on their own list.

Video 1 Topic One: Perfectly Imperfect!

Perfection: DAMN! This one holds me back a lot. I call it Perfection Paralysis. I feel I must be perfect before I start something or do something, and if I have done something, and it wasn’t done perfectly, I beat myself up. Anyone relate?

There are two instances recently I have found that this is something that has challenged me:

1.      Softball- I decided to play on a co-ed softball league this year. I went out bought all the gear-  talked to my cousin about how to brake in my mitt more – I even bought a pass to the batting cages to practice each night! I wanted to be PEFECTLY PREPARED! Well needless to say after visiting the batting cages the first couple of days- my body is not the same as it was 20 years ago. ? I now have a choice – do I let perfection stop me from playing? OR Do I accept where I am and move forward enjoying where I am in life and do my best?

2.      Video Challenge – 100 videos in 100 days – My first initial perfectionistic mind said I needed to lay out all the topics, categorize them, and prepare each one before I started the challenge. I knew that if this is what I was going to do I would become overwhelmed and I would stop. So again, I have a choice – Start by doing the outline and become overwhelmed OR Jump in trusting the process and start shooting the videos and putting myself out there in my complete imperfection. ?

There are steps in overcoming the trap of perfection:

1.      Being aware of it – if you are one who has perfection paralysis you know it!

2.      Recognizing what triggers, you to feel the need to be perfect

3.      Challenge that belief by DOING SOMETHING to counter act it and show up for you knowing you did what you wanted to do and can enjoy what you are doing because you don’t have to be perfect.

Challenge of the day –

Do you feel you have to be perfect in an area of your life that holds you back from your full potential? This could be a job opportunity (I am not qualified) or asking someone out that you have known (they would never date someone like me), or maybe something even smaller – exercising (I don’t have the right work out set up, so I guess I can’t work out).

Call to Action: Do something that challenges that belief – apply for the job, make that call, go to the gym and do what comes to mind.

My formula to success looks like this:

Intention alone = Dreams

Action Alone = BUSY

Intention + Actions = RESULTS

It’s your life – You are worth it! SHOW UP FOR YOU!

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