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Waking Up #GOALS

This week my wife and the kids started back to school and I realized how grateful I am for the routine we are getting into. One thing I feel very passionate about and I have done a video on in the past, is my morning routine. This morning routine sets me up for success every

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Radio Show Here We Come

Soul Wandering this week with an amazing, strong woman, Crystal Tracy. Her authentic journey may be one that pulls on your heart strings and for sure one that will uplift, inspire and motivate you! Another wandering for us to share together. Join us LIVE on kgraradio.com! Click on the “Listen Live” button at 8pm est.

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A Good Reminder about Success

I get discouraged when my progress in life isn’t happening as quickly as I think it should. I feel frustration and anxiety when I think about not knowing what tomorrow will bring. When I was in this stage about a week ago, this picture ran though my news feed, and I realized – its all

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The Power of a Story!

Encircle put together this video sharing my story. It has been in the works for months and it has been so exciting to watch it come to life. I would love to share with all you what I have learned and the message and hope I want to share – thought my coaching! Please share

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Hard Truths That Bring More Happiness

I have been thinking about these three quotes this past week and I wanted to see what all of you thought of them. They were ones that initially struck a cord with me – I don’t mean a happy feel good cord. But after spending time with each I have found some valuable truths I

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Create Meaning – Enjoy Each Day!

How are you creating meaning in your life? There are so many times we check off each day hoping we have accomplished all we want to- but – what are we doing to create meaning. I have struggled to think all the tasks have to be accomplished before I can start enjoying life. I am

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