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Thoughtfire is a place where anyone can come and read, listen, or share their thoughts and feelings about raising the awareness of HOPE.

Thoughtfire is about showing up in life. It is learning new ways to think about belief systems that holds one back from their authenticity and potential. Join me on this journey of discovery through our thoughts and ignite the fire of HOPE.

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Suicide- We have to talk about it!

Many have said that if we talk about suicide that it’s going to put ideas and thoughts into each other’s heads and people are going to engage more in the behavior. I am here to tell you today this belief is FALSE!!! People are hurting people need us to ask them if they’re OK, people

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Learn To Fly!

There are so many times in life we are called to step into the dark, unsure of where the road will lead. I have determined I wanted to live my life doing and working and finding new ways.  I never want to wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t tried. No regrets. Question of

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Encircle’s Blog Post

Encircle put together a blog post of the interview we did this summer. It is a great reminder of how life can be if we allow it. So grateful for the many opportunities I have had this year to share the message of Thoughtfire! see-life-how-it-is-intended-to-be-crystal-tracy  

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