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An inspiring story and tools to help you move your life from a place of feeling stuck to the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

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Thoughtfire is a place where anyone can come and read, listen, or share their thoughts and feelings about raising the awareness of HOPE.

Thoughtfire is about showing up in life. It is learning new ways to think about belief systems that holds one back from their authenticity and potential. Join me on this journey of discovery through our thoughts and ignite the fire of HOPE on thought at a time!

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Sharing experiences from others and myself as we navigate this crazy journey we call life! 

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If you feel you are in a place where you are ready to move to the next level and you are ready to develop the skills that accompany the Daily Foundational Five into your life, reach out to my  by email [email protected] for an introductory session.





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A deep dive into foundational truths that will change your life – one day and one thought at a time.


Hopeless to Limitless:
From Yes Ma'am, to I'm Worth a Damn!

I have worked diligently to have my book out to the market this year! Stay tuned there are so many good things coming  This book shares my story as well as introduces and explains the Daily Foundational Five (DFF). The DFF is the gateway to living an authentic life. 

This book will open your eyes to great ways of improving your life from mediocracy to living a life of purpose!

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First and Lasts

This blog post was written Jan. 31st2019: Today was a weird day for me. It was a day I finalized a position I have been working in and on for 8 years. I have received an opportunity to grow and progress at my career, by accepting a role as an HR Manager. This is something

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2019 The Gift I Give Myself!

Hi 🙂 I was listening to this podcast: Ruth Soupkup: Do It ScaredIt is time for me to share my thoughts- It’s real life! – People ask me “What is Thoughtfire?”In 2018 I think people have gotten the wrong idea. I am not a religion, I am not a non profit for Suiside prevention, I

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Limiting Thoughts: Don’t Let Them Drive!

Those of you who follow my beautiful wife on social media saw she stepped into the arena and did a video about our new adventure. We have decided to embrace another opportunity from our beautiful mentor Mel Robbins. She is doing a class called #MINDSETRESET and she is sharing it for FREE. It’s all about

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