Limiting Thoughts: Don’t Let Them Drive!

Those of you who follow my beautiful wife on social media saw she stepped into the arena and did a video about our new adventure. We have decided to embrace another opportunity from our beautiful mentor Mel Robbins. She is doing a class called #MINDSETRESET and she is sharing it for FREE. It’s all about looking at life and finding what our thoughts are doing to influence our day to day life.

Today she talked about limiting thoughts.

These thoughts are ones that are deep and buried often times in the cavernous chambers of our heart. It’s the thoughts we work daily to PROVE to others and ourselves that they are not true while still fearing the truth of them ourselves. I am going to be completely vulnerable and share with you my limiting belief that has reared its ugly head in the past year, and one that not many know I struggle with. It’s one I have carried all my life. I remembering this belief was something I even struggled with as a child.

 I figure if I say it and share it, I can let readers know that I am honest and human and willing to share my own struggles. I also wanted to share how I am using the tools I have learned to combat the negative repercussions to the negative thought inside me.

The thought I continually work to confront is…


You are not smart enough to start a business, you are not smart enough to write a book, you are not smart enough to figure things out.

Growing up I wasn’t a stalwart student. In fact, reading and writing and spelling were always a struggle. I went to college – and had to take a resource class to learn phonics, because I didn’t learn it as a child. Spelling has always been a struggle, and one that many people joke about with me even now.

So how do I combat this belief? I do it with action! I write, even if everything isn’t spelled 100% correct. I try new things and open a business. I surround myself people who can help me with the areas I struggle with.  I go back to my core and remind myself, I am not my thoughts. I am not the thoughts I have been told, by myself, or by anyone else. Thoughts are only that – thoughts. I don’t have to believe them.

What is the thought that holds you back? Is it:

  1. I don’t deserve it?
  2. I am a bad person?
  3. I am not enough?
  4. I will fail?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be your reality! Show up for you and CHOOSE not to believe it! You are worth it! I am worth it! We are worth it! The people around you are worth it!

I was texting a dear friend the other night and she asked how the book was coming. I responded with a few items I need to work on to finish up before it heads to the editor. She said, “you sound so smart!!” I said, “Thank you- I am starting to believe I am!” I can honestly share if there is a thought that continues to haunt you – challenge it! Every day, every moment! Learn you are worth it! BELIEVE IT!

Also if you are looking for a quick daily video that will give you tools to change your mindset, I invite you to search Every day in your email you will get a tad bit of awareness, and a tool to change the way you see life.

Finally, always remember. We all are human, and we all have thoughts we wish we didn’t. They will show up as we travel in this journey of life. Always know you are the driver. Don’t allow a negative thought into the driver seat. You are the driver. Take the wheel my friends – and live your life knowing you are worth it!

Love and Light!

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