Lets Talk About Time!

The other day I walked into Maverick and said hello to someone. I asked them how they were doing and they said “busy.” I pondered on this answer for a moment because it seems that more and more the answer “busy” is taking the place of “fine.” I even catch myself saying it when someone asks me how I am doing. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Busy is not an emotion. Busy is the new normal for so many people. As I think about this situation I wanted to address some truths and some lies with time.


It is a depreciating asset. We only get so much of it- we can’t buy more of it, and we can’t bring back time that once was!
We all get the same amount of it. Time is no respecter of persons. Each of us have the same amount!

Now – Here are the lies we tell ourselves: OR THE STORIES WE MAKE UP IN OUR HEADS – These are DIS-EMPOWERING thoughts!
I am too busy
I don’t have time

These two stories above may strike a cord within you- if you are like me I want to defend these stories I make up about time because it is validating something inside of me that I believe about myself. For example if I tell myself “I am too busy to write” what I am really saying is that I am not making it a priority. This truth can lead to deeper rooted issues such as, I don’t think I am a good writer, or that my writing doesn’t matter anyway.

Do you see how this works?

What are we avoiding by using the word “busy”? Here are a couple of statements we can use to gain our power back and own the time we are given! These are EMPOWERING THOUGHTS!

I am making time for this in my life!
This is something that is more important to me than anything else.

See how these feel different?

Often times we feel we are busy or don’t have time, but how often are we searching the web aimlessly or fall into the endless pit of social media? I have to keep myself in check with this as well! Typically if we are doing this we are avoiding something, to escape something we find uncomfortable, or we are avoiding something we know we should be doing.

Now I don’t mean to say we all don’t deserve some down time – it is not only important but it is essential for us to take time outs in life. I just wonder how often do we loose moments in life due to us getting caught up in the myths of time.

My grandmother was amazing at this. She did not let time pass her by. She was on the go from the time the sun came up until it was time for bed. Many times growing up the dishes went unwashed or the house was not cleaned due to a ball game or a visit that needed to happen. This is a quality I loved about my grandmother (along with many others). People and relationships were always the most important to her.

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