Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have always enjoyed a good laugh, how about you?  Someone tells a good joke or a memory that sparks that deep laugh in your belly, I love it.

Laughter is something Jenny brings to our relationship daily. When we got married 4 years ago she promised to make me laugh everyday. She has kept her promise.

I challenge today, to get a good laugh – not at the expence of someone elses feelings- but a good laugh. One thing I have really worked on is laughing at myself. Sunday I was doing some B-roll for a video I have been working on and I wanted to take some video down at a river where I felt grounded and relaxed. Well, after some great footage, I went to stand and walk to the side of the stream and my videographer said – becarful don’t slip… you guessed it, the next rock I was standing with both feet in the stream. We all laughed and carried on. In the past I honestly don’t know if that is how it would have ended up. Learning to laugh at silly things that happen has relieved a lot of expectations and frustrations.

My kids are often making me laugh. Their humor is unique and witty. They come up with the craziest stuff. Noah has a way of putting phrases together that often cause me to laugh. We were getting ice cream and when he was given his ice cream he looked at me and said “holy mother of cheese…” Who says that? 🙂 We all laughed! Constantly we are learning new phrases that cause us to smile with him.

Abigale has a way of making serious situations become more light. She has wisdom beyond her years. She often helps me to see the silver and gold lining in life. We could be talking about someone’s judgment or something that was said that wasn’t kind, and she will look at us and say, “Mom, sometimes people just don’t get it!” With that we move on. She doesn’t get caught up in all the emotion that I sometimes get caught up in. It is a gift she has for sure!

As for Jenny’s humor. Oh man! My kids and I often find ourselves laughing. Jenny is the master creator of songs! She can come up with some rhythmic tune in no time flat. Recently we all were out and about, and we pulled up to a stop sign on a side street. She looked at me and said “just a second,” and opened the door. Past experience has taught me that car sickness is something we live with frequently. I figured it was just another one of those moments. She jumped out of the car ran, to the front, and starting singing her most recent creation! She danced around the car to each side of the windows where the kids were sang them their customized verse. We were all rolling. Even Abbi was smiling – and mortified all at the same time. Jenny has a way of making life fun. We tease her with her corky-ness, but it’s one of her gifts.

So today, LAUGH. Find something in life that is worth laughing about. If you need to find a picture of a fun memory or, find a good riddle or joke. Kids have a way of saying the things that make us laugh. Laughter can lift the spirits and bring energy and life to all who are around! Let me know what you did today to laugh!

Have a wonderful day!

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