Hero or Victim How do you show up?

Recently I have been more aware of how I show up in life. I have also been more aware of how others show up as well. This video speaks of  two roles we often take to seek validation and love. The roles are the hero role and a victim role. When we work to play the hero we are looking to seek outside attention to validate we are worthy of love because of what we do or say. The victum role is more familiar to those around us. This role is someone who thinks that because of what happened to them they are entitled to something or not entitled to something. Both roles sneak up on us and if we are not aware can cause us much pain in the long run. How so you show up – this is a concept I am learning more and more. Check out the video below to see how you show up and if it is truly serving you!


PS I am not perfect at this- I find myself falling in this trap as well! Just being real!


Take Care!




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