Hard Truths That Bring More Happiness

I have been thinking about these three quotes this past week and I wanted to see what all of you thought of them. They were ones that initially struck a cord with me – I don’t mean a happy feel good cord. But after spending time with each I have found some valuable truths I wanted to share!

“How we do one thing is how we do all things.”

I heard this quote today and at first I said to myself – bull shit! Later I decided to set my defenses aside. I realized how true this statement is. I started to think of the five areas of my life that I am building my coaching model around.

There are 5 areas of my life that I keep in check on a daily basis:

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Mental
  • Relationships/Social
  • Spiritual

If anyone has taken a look at my planner – I review these 5 areas of my life daily to ensure I touch base in each one.

For example, when I am more aware of my physical health and go to the gym in the morning, I make better financial decisions throughout the day. If I pray and meditate in the morning, I am more clear and focused to be open to those around who may need me to connect with them in my close relationships. If I take my medication and vitamins for my mental health each day  and get the sleep I need, I ensure a successful day.

Small steps implemented each day will prove to create amazing results. Some people count on those big monumental moments to make a shift. Those who do a true honest introspective check and see where they are, and where they want to go, find ways to make it happen and see their lives change.

“Those you hang around mirror the life you want to live.”

That is another quote that pissed me off at first. The more I sat with it, and again got brutally honest with myself, I realized the validity. If I hang with people who are dooms-dayers or negative, I find myself being the same way. You know the people I am talking about. The ones who are always saying life is hard, blaming politics, blaming circumstances, blaming someone else. I assure you I can give you an example in each of the above 5 areas where I could lay down and die thinking I was  picked on. But I know – I AM IN CHARGE OF MY DESTINY – NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS FROM ME!

If I am with inspiring motivating people, I find myself being more motivating and inspiring. If I am around people who don’t care about the reality of taking care of their body, or who don’t value relationships; I find myself moving away from them knowing those are core values I have that I won’t neglect.

“Frustration and Blame”

Blame causes pain. If we are frustrated and we are blaming – look at how it’s serving you because I assure you it is not making your life better. It’s something all of us do. It’s the easy route – it’s important to keep in check. Be mindful of people in your life that validate the blaming saying you have “earned the right” to blame someone for something. I assure you the situation is hurting you more than the person you are blaming – they probably don’t even know how you are feeling. It’s like you drinking poison and expecting the person who hurt you to die.

Just some thoughts from Thoughtfire today – Have a great week and let me know what you think about these 3 quotes and how they apply to you in your life. Hard truths- but ones that ultimately will serve you and bring more happiness into your life.


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