Happiness and Joy – 18 things in 2018

Have you ever stopped and wrote about what brings you joy? This past month I have really tried to slow down my fast pace and stop to think about and enjoy all the things that bring me joy. I also have found myself reflecting on the things that bring happiness into my life. What is the difference? This is something I have pondered about and have become hyper sensitive to what it is that brings me these great emotions…

Gretchin Rubin: A writer and podcaster (not sure if that is a word ) talks about what 18 things she wants to do in 2018 that brings her joy or what will make her life easier (in turn make her happy). I now have a list of my own – of 18 things in 2018. What would your list include?

Happiness – comes in moments- a good joke or a great treat- the things below bring me happiness:

  1.  Having all the lids match in the Tupperware drawer, or all the socks have matches from the laundry.
  2.  Having a clean home!
  3.  Laundry done, or dishes washed (If both were done it’s a bonus )
  4.  Eating a nice dinner and feeling refreshed!
  5.  Working hard and feeling my body get stronger…
  6.  Noah makes his bed the first time I ask – not the fifth!
  7.  Seeing progress in my hard work, and setting new goals when Plan A doesn’t work

Joy for me… (Joy that is long lasting! Sustainability)

  1.  Noah and Abbi’s laugh.
  2.  Swimming in Jenny’s Blue eyes – knowing I am understood and loved.
  3.  Feeling the love of God in his creations around me- Waterfalls, Mountains, and Outdoors.
  4.  Tender mercies reminding me that there is so much more to life than just what we see… (finding a dime on the ground).
  5.  Connecting to those I love and sharing moments of vulnerability, knowing I am safe.
  6.  When I write and realize God is using me for an instrument to share his message.
  7.  Giving my time and means to someone to make their life better.

In my study I have found that Joy is brought about in our life as we live in a state of gratitude. (Brene Brown’s work).

I was thinking, what is it for all of you… what brings you happiness, in comparison to Joy? What are your thoughts? And if you were to construct a list of 18 things to do in 2018 – what are some of your items?

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