Elevation – How do we respond to rise a little higher?

This week I have had the opportunity to spend time in SLC with some great people. We talked about some great topics and I walked away feeling better and stronger in so many different areas of my life. I found -once again – life has a way of teaching us. There are a few things I wanted to share with all of you and would love to hear your thoughts on the learnings I have found.

We were told before this conference to come prepared with warm cloths because we would be doing an activity that would require us to have gloves, boots and hats. I am a person that has always just came prepared and came ready for anything. I prepared with my North Face coat and some gloves and my handy $2.00 ear warmer from Walmart. I didn’t want to clunk around in my snow boots so I prepared for walking with my trusted waterproof Merrill’s.

We spent the day learning and growing on Tuesday, and many of us speculated of what the activity would be on Wednesday. We spent time catching up on our families and what is happening in our various jobs. Finally the day arrived for us to discover what our activity would be. We were told we would be heading to the mountains. I automatically got excited. I pulled on my new socks that were given to us at the conference and geared up for some fun. I WAS GOING TO MY ELEMENT!

We climbed into vans and headed to Snow Bird. When we arrived we were each given tickets to ride on the TRAM. We all climbed onto the TRAM and headed up the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain we were up to 11000 feet. The view was breath taking! The weather couldn’t haven’t been better – It was amazing. We were instructed to head to the second floor of the building at the top of the mountain – still at this point we were unsure of the next steps of our activity. When we all arrived, our mentor told us that we were all going to gear up and ski down the hill. At that moment there was silence. People were looking at each other, and after visiting with the mentor she said there was fear on so many faces. After a moment she smiled and said – JUST KIDDING! 🙂 
We then were invited to take pictures and look over the mountains and remember the beauty and how far we have come. 

After the photos we were treated to a 6 course meal at The Cliff. It was fun, beautiful, and thought provoking. I have spent the last few days reflecting on this experience and I have some take always  that I want to share my lessons from the mountains with you:
1. People react differently to the unknown.
2. We miss the beauty when we focus on worry and fear.
First: People react differently to the unknown.
When we were told we were going to do an activity with little or no idea of what it was going to be, there were people who;
1. Got angry
2. Got Scared
3. Tried to guess
4. Became excited
5. Choose out of even doing the activity

I thought about our life when we are presented with an opportunity. We often times don’t know exactly what the outcome will be. I have seen people get angry in these moments, get scared in these moments, try to guess the outcome, become excited and fully embrace the new opportunity,  and some people choose out of knowing what could have been.

Who are you? Where do you identify?

Second: We miss the beauty when we focus on worry and fear.
Often times the unknown can bring about fear and worry. These emotions can limit us in the actions we take. With this activity there were a few people who missed the beauty because of fear. Most relaxed and then were able to embrace it by the end of the activity, but they wont have those beginning moments back.

What does worry and fear hold you back from?

The Guessing Game and the What IFS? How often do we miss the reality of a moment because we are trying to guess what the next moments will be. Also the infamous statement of What if….. How often do we miss life because we are trying to guess all the what ifs?

I am always envious of the people who just embrace each moment and love each moment. Even if its a hard moment – realizing its a learning process. I love this attribute in my mentors and teachers. It is something I want to live more by!

Choosing out! There were a few that chose out of the activity. Legitimately because it was the best for them in the moment they were in. I take this scenario to a different level. How many times do we simply choose out. I don’t mean the choosing out of harmful or destructive behaviors but the true choosing out because of something stopping us that we know holds us back in life.

What holds you back from having moments of elevations? Is the judgement of others? Is it the judgment of yourself? Or is it something mentioned above.

As I reflect I want to live in a state of elevation, and in a place where I am better today than yesterday…. how about you?

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2 thoughts on “Elevation – How do we respond to rise a little higher?”

  1. You are the epitome of facing fears and I love riding on your coat tails being inspired to do the same!! Thank you for sharing your adventures and knowledge! Love you!

  2. You are an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. Also thanks for sharing yourself and taking risks. Way to elevate. Love you dear friend. Keep on elevating to new adventures.

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