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Many people invest in the things that are important  in their life. People invest in their homes, their vehicles, their bank accounts, and their physical health. There is one aspect of your life I invite you to take a look at. It is an investment that is lifelong, one that can give you more satisfaction that any thing else – that is YOU! 

 You are worth the investment!

You are worth being happy, you are worth living your dreams, you are worth living your true self!

Why do I do this?  I have made the investment – and I want to share it it with you. I have spent 20 years of my life doing workshops, studying the researchers, and reading more books than some do in their lifetime. I have been lead to find my life purpose and that is to help others find theirs. I am passionate about it and I am willing to walk along the side of anyone who is willing to do their work to find their happiness. You can live the life you want!

My coaching is about looking at life – where you are at- realizing and finding your true self and getting there! These tools can be utilized by anyone who wants to make the investment into themselves to live a happier and more meaningful life.

My coaching explores 5 areas of life at a holistic approach! It’s a journey of looking deep into belief systems and thoughts that keep us from living our true potential.

My coaching model is called:


~The Daily Foundational Five ~

Showing Up and Living an Authentic Life!


You will have the opportunity (yes – I did say opportunity) to look at rituals and habits in the areas of your physical, spiritual, relational, financial and emotional areas of your life. We will sit down and find ways to challenge and replace belief systems that keep you  from thriving.

I will be honest with you about the patterns that you may not see and will help you reset those negative patterns. The journey will be powerful and exciting!

Invest in you and you will see the power of Thoughtfire – by creating a better self one thought at a time.


Email me today to set up your free 20 min consultation!

The Best Investment You can Make is the Investment in YOU!
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