What is a Tribe? I recently started reading “A Tribe Called Bliss” by Lori Harder. I have yet to find a better description of what a Tribe is and the characteristics of a tribe. I have felt the benefits of a tribe in my life, but when seeking to explain it to others, my definition …

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Moments Matter

I have spent some time thinking about the people in my life who make my life better. I think of people who have made significant contributions, and I think about the people who have placed seeds and moments in my life that I realize now have been life changing. I often remind myself that MOMENTS …

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How many of you found yourself singing in your head the infamous tune of RESPECT when you saw the title of this blog post? ME TO! Isn’t it funny how our minds have a way of remembering things? Anyway, this past month I have spent a lot of time thinking about respect. I have had …

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