Have you ever stopped and thought about super heroes and the roles they play? The super hero that comes to mind to me first is Superman. Superman is this sharp looking, handsome guy, that instinctively knows when there is trouble. He is found swooping into situations where he can rescue the damsel in distress, or extracting a time bomb from a building full of people. At the end of each episode, by one miracle after another, he ends up on top.

Now, I haven’t seen any recent Superhero’s shows so I don’t know if that is how Superman is represented currently. I would like to think the message of his heroic advantages are the same. I love the representation of how even the man who can save thousands of people by stopping a train from falling off a blown-up bridge – still has weaknesses.

This concept is something we have to remember. As a person we all have super powers. These powers include kindness, compassion, love and friendship, or hard work, grit, and motivation. Its key to recognize our own super power. The super power in each of us are uniquely designed and tailored for each of us. That super power can help us move mountains, and overcome obstacles that others may find impossible. Knowing what our super powers – is the first step.

  1. What is your super power? What makes you unique? If you have a hard time knowing what this is I ask you to reach out to those closest to you and have an honest and open discussion with them. It will reveal things about you that you may or may not know.
    1. One activity that my family loves to do is called “Circle of Compliments.” Each day we are together with the kids, we try to do this activity. Each of us taking a turn sharing with each other one thing we love about each other. There is something to be said about someone you love paying you a compliment. Often times it is amazing what people notice about you even when you are unaware.
  2. As mentioned above, Superman had his weaknesses. His weakness is kryptonite. I find it refreshing to know even super heroes have weaknesses. Often times people make others into these heroes without acknowledging their weaknesses, then when something goes south the relationship is broken. Life experience has proven to me, all of us have our own kryptonite.

It is important we know what our weaknesses are as well as what our strengths are. As we become more self-aware and look at the things that hold us back we have to honor the amazing things about us. And when we are looking at the good we have to be mindful of our weaknesses. At work we recognize that weaknesses are opportunities to grow and develop. Just as we overcome weakness, we will discover another. The personal growth that happens when we are honest with ourselves will allow us to move from a place of uncertainty to certainty.

We have to learn to trust our inner guide. That is our SUPER POWER~! ITS US! Uniquely tailored us! Not one of us are exactly the same. Celebrate it- honor it – and love it. When you do this your super power can shine and you can witness miracles just like in the movies.

We are our own SUPER HERO!


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