Back to School Special

Hey Friends – I just wanted to do a few key blends that have helped alot of people with the coming days as we gear up for school. These are staples around our house!

1. Immunity Blend – This blend has helped my kids and Jenny stay healthy though the year. Putting this on your wrists and behind your years and on the bottom of your feet morning and night will help fight off those germs! ($15)

2. Anxiety Blend – This is good for the kids and for us as adults as we step into the unknown for the year. Its a great blend to have on hand and to put on during the day. It has helped many!

Rub the blend on your wrists and behind your ears and breath it in and feel the essence of the oils calm you. ($15)

Both for $27 ($3.00 Discount)

Promo code: backtoschool

Also check out our other blends at

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