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Crystal Tracy comes to us from Layton, Utah. She is married and has two beautiful children ages 13 and 8, she also has two puppies Harley and Raven. Crystal loves spending time with her family and being active. Crystal enjoys the outdoors and loves to camp. She enjoys reading and continual learning and growth. She loves to express herself through writing and to create blog posts that share her learning and growth. Crystal is passionate about helping to create a better life one thought at a time. She currently is a manager where she is working to create a better culture with employees as well as customers. She plans to continue her passion in helping others through her business Thoughtfire to inspire and lead others to create a better life.
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Slow Down To Speed Up

One of life’s Greatest Paradox: Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up! Recently I have had the opportunity to slow down to show up. Some might ask what that means. Let me explain. As I look back over 2018, I feel like I have been part of a NASAR race, without taking any …

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Have you ever felt stuck? You know those moments you feel like you feet are engulfed by the mud and muck of confusion? That is what I have felt these past few weeks with Thoughtfire. I have spent time and quiet moments looking at my mission, purpose and plan for what is to come with this …

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What is your legacy?

I’ve always been a dreamer. I didn’t know this about myself until 3 or 4 years ago. I work to see the world as limitless opportunities. I work to see the world and people as beauty and happiness and kindness and love and light and laughter. Each day I work to choose to be brave …

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Learn To Fly!

There are so many times in life we are called to step into the dark, unsure of where the road will lead. I have determined I wanted to live my life doing and working and finding new ways.  I never want to wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t tried. No regrets. Question of …

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Encircle’s Blog Post

Encircle put together a blog post of the interview we did this summer. It is a great reminder of how life can be if we allow it. So grateful for the many opportunities I have had this year to share the message of Thoughtfire! see-life-how-it-is-intended-to-be-crystal-tracy  

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