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ThoughtFire and Crystal Tracy

You stand at the ledge of life looking over the cliff, and you see the life you could live – but your thoughts stand in your way. You see a better relationship, a job promotion, or living in your true authenticity. But how do you get there? By setting your thoughts on fire, and by showing up for yourself will take you where you want to go. Thoughtfire is all about creating a better self one thought at a time.

Hi my name is Crystal Tracy,

At age 29, my life appeared to be perfect. I was married to a good man, had two beautiful children, and involved in my local church and public community. To the outsider looking in- my life was perfect. I worked each day to prove to those around me that I was a good person! But I hid a secret! A secret knew would destroy every belief system I had developed about who I was.  Behind closed doors, I fought depression, and anxiety that sometimes left me in bed. Each day I would struggle accepting myself, but outwardly worked daily to prove to all those around me that I was okay.

Some people I confided in told me I needed to have more faith or pray harder. Often, I wouldn’t mention my inner battle, due to my fear of judgment and rejection – I was hiding!

In June 2010 – I decided my life wasn’t worth living anymore! I believed my husband and children would have been better if I wasn’t in their life. I believed my husband deserved a wife who could love him completely, and my children deserved a mother who was attentive and didn’t struggle with the illusion of being something she wasn’t.

I tried to end my life.

God had another plan for me. By the grace of God, and two earthly angels I was saved from death. I realized that not even death could shut the door on the message I have to share.  It was my time to SHOW UP FOR ME! Showing up required me to get clear about who I am, and the purpose I have in life. I had spent many years prior, studying and gaining tools to help others, without working my own list. It was time! The message I am to share is about showing up in life. It’s about showing up for yourself!

When I woke in the hospital 8 years ago I wished so badly there was a resource for someone like me. I wished there was somewhere I could learn tools that would help me know how to deal with my life now. I felt better knowing I was no longer holding that secret deep inside – but the world around me was shattering! Relationships with my family changed, my religion was no longer my religion, and I was on my own to figure my stuff out.

After 8 years and many life lessons, I have learned tools that have made that transition process a little more understandable. It doesn’t make it easy – but the tools have helped me be lead to the happiness I know today!

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to show up?

My Promise to you:

Your life can have more meaning and purpose when you learn how to show up for you!

So how do you show up? One thought at a time –

I have taken my life experience along with my education in social work, family and consumer development, and mental health studies and have learned skills that have helped me show up! I want to share these skills with you!

I want to be a resource to you who are looking for hope. I want to help those who need a resource to embrace their true selves.

My foundational truths are:

  1. Clarity is available to anyone! Let me teach you how!
  2. Life tools can lead us to live a higher vibration in life.
  3. Relationships with others and ourselves will improve – if we learn how to show up.
  4. Learning tools to trust the process, will allow us to embrace how things turn out!

Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to show up?

I want that for you as well! The skills I want to share include:

  • Learning to get in touch with who you are, and the influence have 
  • Learning how to accept and love your true self!
  • Learning how to gaining confidence in your decisions
  • Learning how to be clear about what you want to life
  • Having the courage to live in your truth
  • Creating the support  system and resources you need to be successful!
  • Again, I remind you, you stand at the ledge of life looking ahead –join me on a journey where you can set your thoughts on fire – and create a better self-one thought at a time.

As always you matter, and I want to assist in your discovery anyway I can please feel free to ask any questions or suggestions at [email protected].

Crystal Tracy at Thoughtfire
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