2019 The Gift I Give Myself!

Hi ? I was listening to this podcast: Ruth Soupkup: Do It ScaredIt is time for me to share my thoughts- It’s real life! – People ask me “What is Thoughtfire?”In 2018 I think people have gotten the wrong idea. I am not a religion, I am not a non profit for Suiside prevention, I am not a straight hating LGBTQ finatic- I am not a Mormon or any religion hater or a witch! In 2019 I am walking into a new year being very clear about what I am!!!First and most importantly I am a daughter of a higher power who is very mindful of me and has tailored each experience to make me better!Second I am a real life person who struggles with real life things. I am insecure at times and wonder about my value. I am a woman who has discovered many tools and rituals that help me find happiness and how to keep myself in check so I can be my best self! Third I am a mother and a wife to the most amazing family in the world!!! Why third, because I know if I work my own list and keep connected to my source my relationships with my wife and kids and tribe will be healthy!Fourth I am an owner and operator of a side hustle called Thoughtfire. This online gig is a place I share out of a place of love and hope. It’s a place where I share my real life – and the tools I have learned to make my life it is today. It is nothing more or nothing less- 2018 offered many different avenues – I am getting back to the core. Call it what you may- but I call it real life, and if it helps someone along the way- it will all be worth it!!!! Love and light to everyone who has and will walk this journey with me!

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