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An inspiring story offering tools to help you move your life from a place of feeling stuck to the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

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Thoughtfire is a place where anyone can come to read, listen, or share their thoughts and feelings about raising the awareness of HOPE. Thoughtfire is about showing up in life; it is about learning new ways to understand our belief systems that holds one back from living in our authenticity and  true potential. Join me on this journey of discovery through our thoughts and ignite the fire of HOPE one thought at a time! Learn ways to tap into the Daily Foundational Five tools – to focus daily on daily actions that will serve you. My coaching services will help you access your current reality, look at different options to move forward, and encouragement to cheer you on as you make the life changes you want! I can’t wait to hear from you!e

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Sharing experiences from others and myself as we navigate this crazy journey we call life! 

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If you feel you are in a place where you are ready to move to the next level and you are ready to develop the skills that accompany the Daily Foundational Five into your life, reach out to my  by email [email protected] for an introductory session.





Happiness Coffee

Increase the Happy Hormones in your Brain!

Many have asked me, Crystal, why are you so happy? I kind of smile because the happiness I know today, is because of a lot of days of not feeling happy. I am determined to share the happiness I know, by sharing knowledge and products that help me to be happy.

Elevate provides a product I 100% can get behind! If you are a coffee drinker or a coco drinker it doesn’t matter – there is something here for you. Click the Happy link above to learn more about happy hormones we have need.

I promise you – this stuff is changing lives, and it can help you as well!

Hopeless to Limitlessness:

From Yes Ma'am, to I'm Worth a Damn!

Hopeless to Limitlessness shares my story in a vulnerable and personal way. It walks the reader though the darkness that one feels when they feel they are stuck, and unable to release themselves from the expectations of others.

After sharing my story I provide a road map and structure to learn how to embrace your life and live your authentic truth. The DF5 is the gateway to living an authentic life. This book will open your eyes to great ways of improving your life from mediocracy to living a life of purpose! 

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Why are YOU on the Planet?

Why are you on the planet? I have thought a lot about what I want to share today. So many people have shared with me their dreams and goals they want to accomplish while they are here on this earth. Some have ambitions – while others have gifts that naturally provide opportunities. This morning I

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Who you are is perfect and whole- our journey is navigating through negative belief systems and head space to see the perfect creation we are! I invite you to catch yourself the next time you go to finish this phrase- to remember this valuable truth! Show up for you! You are worth it!

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Crazy Goals and Ambitions!

I am making a crazy goal to get 1000+ books to the world this year. I want to share hope and inspiration to all who read it. I want to have all of you follow along and watch how this will happen. So many fun things on the horizon!

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